Mah #BADInfluence

*clear throats* This post was supposed to be posted up 3 months ago...But because it involves a lot of photos, I needed a lot of time to choose which photos are suitable to put in (what a lame excuse). Sorry :/

This is another Docklands trip, you know how much I love Docklands? Because they sell cheap and nice stuffs ^^ Read my previous trip here :)

Originally the main aim of this trip was to celebrate the ending of my Term 3 exams, but because I screwed up my last paper, I was in an effing bad mood. My #BADInfluence, Erica insisted in going because she said I shouldn't be spending time in my room alone ranting about something that had already past. She promised to cheer me up and also demanded that day should be called THE ERICA DAY.

If you are wondering why on earth am I putting a hashtag, calling Erica my #BADInfluence, this actually resembles with my blogger Queens: Cheesie and Audrey's friendship, they called each other #Addiction.

Erica moved into the room diagonally opposite to mine somewhere around early July and we soon became very close. The biggest reason I called her #BADInfluence is because she always tries to lure me with loads of tibits. Doritos, Timtam, Oreo...... >< Trying to make me fat huh?! Well, truth is, she's actually not THAT bad influence, because on the other hand, she was the one who went to my room, ransacked my closer and told me "Fion you have a lot of nice clothes, don't wear long jeans and tees to school everyday, wear your shorts, match them with tights." So from that time onwards, I practically started to eliminate the presence of long jeans in my life, to some extent. However, her BAD influence somehow OFF SETS her GOOD influence, so I HAVE TO call her #BADInfluence. HAHAHA!!

Enough of the lengthy intro....Just a warning, this is a photo loaded blog post. And bear with our endless selca :p


Saw this cat as we walked out from our hostel and we were practically "stalking" it because we thought it looks like Garfield.

The noisy Erica demanded this before heading to Docklands. I really don't understand, she NEEDS to eat this at least 3 times in a week ==''' I'm really speechless.

Went to the graffiti lane (at Bourke Street) for selca because the tram wouldn't be arriving anytime soon.

One of my favourite selcas...I dunno why....Bear with me PUH-LEA-SE cause I'm only vain when I have makeup on :p 

Finally we hopped onto the tram! Continue to selca all the way there >< 

Also edited a collage using Camera360 app! 

Arrived already. Before the start of our shopping spree ^^ #Reflection

Forgot to take photo of our out fit of the day #OOTD. We actually wore matching outfits. Fluorescent coloured tee. I was in bright green and Erica was in bright pink. White jackets. Black leggings, sneakers and denim shorts :p

Couple shirts again haha! It was on massive sale. Any 6 pieces for $20. Erica bought the pink top and the skirt that she's wearing and other 3 for her friends.

To add up to 6 pieces, I bought the blue one and this peacock one. 

Coolest fitting room ever - T-Bar's. T-Bar is one of my favourite shops here BUT I have never bought anything from them. Their tees are rather unique but very expensive. This time I finally saw it on sale, but there's nothing that I liked, so I didn't buy :/ Erica bought 2 though haha

She also bought this pink one, which IMO, looks like this:
image from


Love this shirt but in the end I didn't buy it because it's expensive $19, if I'm not mistaken and the quality is not worth that kind of price. How I wish it were to be $5, then I would buy it right away!

Tried the green skirt too, it matched my shirt perfectly, making my look like a WALKING HIGHLIGHTER on the streets. The utmost important advantage is that can be prevent one from getting hit by a car since it's way too eye-catching xD Didn't buy it anyway.

Windy day outside so we went out for endless selca again >< 

Windy day outside so we went out for endless selca again >< 

Practically selca till Erica's phone's battery went down to 3% :pppp

Wind was tooooo strong!! x)

Ending with a photo of Erica acting cute with a whale on the floor :3

Haha sorry for bombarding so many selca! But I have to because Erica wants me to dedicate this post to her! >< Although I just met her for a few months, we are quite close. However because I was busy with my exams, I haven't had time to have fun with her for quite some time already and I'm leaving Melbourne next Friday. Hopefully next year when I go to University we still have the time to hang out together. Too bad she definitely won't be in the same intake as me :(

Love my #BADInfluence <3

Tomorrow is the last day

Omg! Tomorrow is the official last school day for me in Trinity College Foundation Studies already :(

Can't believe time flies so quickly....Seems like yesterday when I blogged about the start of my final term with the so called "new" hairstyle.

Final classes tomorrow:
11am accounting lecture / 1.45pm Maths lecture BUT I'm planning to skip it and go to my friend's accounting tutorial / 3.45pm English class + class picnic

English teacher is going to give some "award" to his students, I secretly hope that I can get one of his award haha...though I haven't done anything epic throughout the year. And also getting back my presentation results (the one that I ranted in the previous post)....hope the marks won't be shitty :/

After tomorrow's schooling time, I have drama rehearsals at night and also going for outing dinner with the group members, need to hangout a bit before drama exam ends because everyone tend to go different directions after things are done. I doubt we will have another chance to act insane together, with the exact same people. Gonna take lots of selca tomorrow :3

My drama exam is on Thursday ^^ Good luck to everyone!

Goodbye Trinity. I'm going to miss you like crazy..... Thanks for the amazing time! Although you put me through some rather stressful time, I enjoy every bit of my college life.

Coming up next is the disastrous exams! Good luck everyone! Hwaiting for MELBOURNE UNIVERSITY!


Attempting the trademark Grimmie "bye" pose....Kinda failed :p